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Benefits of Yoga Those who perform this exercise claim that Yoga has vastly benefited them. From an increase in immunity to mental agility, these are the benefits of Yoga. 1) Builds immunity: Just like any form of exercising, yoga is said to have increased the immunity of those who perform it. Yoga increases the circulation of WBC and antibodies produced by them in the body. This prevents several infections and builds immunity. Also, Lymphatic drainage is increased due to Yoga. Healthy lymphatic drainage ensures there is no toxic waste or dead cells are in the body. 2) Lowers stress: Breathing exercises and the physical exercises of Yoga reduce stress. As it increases the heart rate reduces blood pressure levels. People who experience stress at their workplace are usually advised to perform yoga. 3) Increased Flexibility and muscle strength: Yoga exercise can strengthen and improve muscles strength. 4) Corrects body posture: During yoga, exercise sessions importance is laid on correct body posture. If performed the right way Yoga can reduce the stress the body bears due to bad posture. 5) Protects joints and cartilage: Yoga prevents the onset of degenerative diseases of the joints and reduces the stress put on cartilage and hence reduces its wear and tear. 6) Increases blood flow: Just like other exercises Yoga also increases blood flow to extremities of the body such as hands and legs this ensures all parts of the body have a healthy blood supply. 7) Eliminates depression: Serotonin (also known as a happy hormone) is produced by the body after it undertakes physical exercise. This eliminates or reduces depression and help a person lead a fruitful life. 8) Increased mental agility: Yoga improves coordination, reaction time and memory. People who perform mediation exercises of Yoga have also demonstrated increased problem-solving ability. 9) Keeps the body relaxed: Deep breathing and meditation help a person shift his balance from sympathetic (a system where adrenaline is released to combat stress) to the parasympathetic system (phase where the body is in physiological/ pre-stress state). This keeps the body and the soul relaxed. 10) Better sleep: Yoga asana (postures) like nidhrasana (Sleep Pose), savasana (Corpse Pose) and pranayama (control of Breath) encourage better and deeper sleep. Disclaimer: The above information is obtained from website blog.
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