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We are conducting Zumba Fitness for Ladies by Female ZIN certified instructors. Zumba classes are taken morning and evening batches all day. Zumba Fitness workout is total-body exercise—a good, high-energy aerobic workout helps in weight/fat loss and build muscle strength.

All Workouts are conducted by certified and trained instructors with individual preferences. We are conducting 6 batches of Yoga per day such as Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Asthanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Meditation Yoga, Yoga for Weight Loss, Yoga for Arthritis, Yoga for Thyroid, Yoga for PCOD etc.

Functional training for Women - The Workouts designed to allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries. In the context of body building, functional training involves mainly weight bearing activities targeted at core muscles of the abdomen and lower back. We use cable suspension and weights plus resistant bands and use body weight and body balance technique for strength and endurance.

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Introducing Cardio Circuit Workout for Women only - Circuit training is a form of body conditioning or endurance training or resistance training using high-intensity. It targets strength building or muscular endurance. An exercise "circuit" is one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program. Its a very effective weight/fat loss exercise.

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Here are some key factors to working yoga into your workout routine. Benefit #1: Bone Strength Generally speaking, both men and women begin to reach their maximum bone mass around 30 years of age. It is very important to take care of and maintain the bone mass and density that you currently have before the inevitable decrease begins to happen. Osteoporosis, where bones become brittle and fragile from the loss of tissue, is a serious medical condition to all men and women. Studies have shown that the proper weight bearing that yoga has to offer reduces the risks of the early stages of osteoporosis, especially in women who have experienced menopause. Benefit #2: Decrease Anxiety Stress is a part of everyone’s day to day life no matter what your current age or living situation may be. Be it work stress, retirement stress, financial stress, or familial stress, we all have it and have to find way to deal with it in a healthy manner. Practicing yoga on a regular basis induces a particular state that renders you between being awake and being asleep that induces a deep form of relaxation. Honing this technique can help you practice and manage ways to reduce your rate and lower your blood pressure in everyday life. Benefit #3: Mind and Mood One of yoga’s primary focuses is to merge the thought process that your breath and movement should be considered one entity. All yoga poses strive for a fluid motion between movement and breathing so that your mind is clear and fully engaged in what you are doing. It is said that these breathing exercises assist in harmonizing the right and left hemispheres of your brain, which in return will strengthen your overall memory capabilities. The combination of breathing and movement can also help in achieving an overall state of well-being. The reason being is that yoga helps boost the amount of a brain chemical called GABA naturally being produced. GABA is widely distributed in the brain in efforts to reduce possible anxious neurotransmitters to help calm your nerves. Benefit #4: Balance Yoga is done as a slow well measured work out for the purposes of improving your core body strength with each pose. Doing this on a regular basis can help increase your balance and prevent falls ass you get older. It is known that falls are one of the leading causes of injury amongst older adults over any other injury. Yoga will help you with the tools you will need to tone your muscles and improve your natural equilibrium. Benefit #5: Joint Care Practicing yoga on a regular basis is a natural lubricant for your joints. Synovial fluid is known as the liquid the lubricates our joints. Yoga helps promote the natural flow of synovial fluid to different parts of the body, increasing the fluidity and movement of the joints. Recent studies are said that working yoga into your weekly workout regimen can help reduce joint pain, improve your joint’s flexibility and overall function. These benefits are just a few of the many health benefits available for those who practice yoga on a regular basis. No matter what your age may be, there are a multitude of yoga poses you can try and manipulate to work for you and your body. Don’t let the fear of insecurities or confidence get in your way of trying this fulfilling form of exercise. You may be surprised on the affects it may have on you, your quality of life and your body

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We conduct Yoga classes for Ladies exclusive batches. Following type of yoga are taught: Hatha Yoga Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa Flow Power Yoga Meditation Yoga Also, Mat Pilates is part of yoga workout program. Benefits of Yoga for following issues: Yoga for PCOD / PCOS Yoga for Arthritis Yoga for Chronic Back Pain Yoga for Joint Pains or inflamed joints Yoga for Asthma Yoga for Depression, Anxiety, Stress Yoga for peaceful mind Yoga for weight loss and toning Yoga for general fitness & flexibility

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Cosmofit - Women's Fitness Studio. We are conducting Group Exercise for Yoga, Zumba, Weight Loss Workout, Cardio, Strength & Endurance Workout, Toning & Flexibility by Certified and experienced Instructors. Please visit or call us for more details on current offers.

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Cosmofit - Women's Fitness Studio. We are conducting Group Exercise for Yoga, Zumba, Weight Loss Workout, Cardio, Strength & Endurance Workout, Toning & Flexibility by Certified and experienced Instructors. Please visit or call us for more details on current offers.

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Benefits of Yoga for following health issues: Yoga for PCOD, Yoga for PCOS, Yoga for Arthritis, Yoga for Sciatica, Yoga for Joint Pains or inflamed joints, Yoga for Asthma, Thyroid, Yoga for Depression, Yoga for Anxiety, Yoga for Stress. Yoga & Meditation helps reduce Anxiety & Stress.

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Zumba classes for ladies by female instructor. Zumba helps reduce weight by burning approx 850 calories in one hour session. As per Fitness experts Zumba workout is most effective in reducing weight targets. Zumba is latin based dance workout, its a workout in disguise, its fun filled. Visit or Call Us for more information on latest offers!